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March 29 2017


jewish trans kiddos?? i love ‘em!!
jewish trans adults?? i love them too!!
jewish pan people? jewish bi people? jewish gay people? jewish ace people? jewish aro people? jewish people in general???? i!!!! love!!!! them!!!!


 game grumps’ playthrough of everything part 1:

game grumps’ playthough of everything part 2-4:

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Scientists invented fabric that makes electricity from motion and sunlight. To create the fabric, researchers at Georgia Tech wove together solar cell fibers with materials that generate power from movement. It could be used in “tents, curtains, or wearable garments,” meaning we’d virtually never be without power. Source

Y'all are fucking idiots. Clean energy will NEVER be enough to replace the energy we have now. We’d have to tear down DOZENS of forests just to fit enough windmills and solar panels to get even a QUARTER (probably less, tbh) of the energy we can produce now.

Yeah, sure, when they’ve already calculated that a few square miles of panels in the empty ass Arizona desert could power the whole nation. But ok, fracking and the diminishing petroleum supply is worlds better.

Nevermind that windmills are often most efficient off the coast. There they take up no land, impact no trees, don’t pollute the water, and are conveniently located where winds are often strongest anyway.

And solar panels can literally be built into roofs of buildings and in empty areas like deserts. The sun strikes the Earth with the same amount of energy in an hour that our civilization uses in a year.

But yeah, it would be impossible for us to ever have enough energy from clean sources.

Durr hurr technology is bad and I would rather light shit on fire than have clean energy

I can also testify to the Arizona desert being empty ass. And the California desert. And the Nevada desert. 

also…no forests were cleared to make space for Denmark’s windmills and yet they regularly produce so much power that it covers almost all of the country’s power needs. Oh, and then there’s the times when the windmills generate 140% of Denmark’s power needs. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/jul/10/denmark-wind-windfarm-power-exceed-electricity-demand

Friendly reminder that oil pipelines are a scam.

The fact that anyone can believe a limited amount of dinosaur oil is more plentiful and efficient than moving air or fucking sunlight is proof that entire populations can be completely brainwashed.

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The Perfect Explanation of Privilege – In One Powerful Punchline

“The Pencilsword” is a comic strip by Toby Morris, an illustrator from New Zealand. His most recent comic, “On a Plate” hits hard at the heart of the issues of concerning wealth and privilege.

How many times have you heard the “I’ve never been handed anything on a platter” argument in regard to social security and other social benefits?

Toby wrecks this argument by showing how two children can grow up, be loved and supported, and yet still have two very different outcomes.

Make sure to follow all the way to the end for the powerful punchline. This comic is an increasingly sad reality for far too many of this nation’s children and families.

Reblogged from the source since someone deleted the text at the bottom.

this is so amazing

Not gonna lie this got me a bit emotional.






wait….are any americans aware that the cia overthrew the democratically-elected premier of iran in 1953 because he wouldn’t concede to western oil demands….and how that coup was the reason for the shah’s return to power, the iranian revolution, and the resulting fundamentalist dictatorship…..like, america literally dissolved iranian democracy and no one knows about it???

No. No we don’t know about it. 

Americans aren’t told this shit. 

The only thing we’re taught about any Middle Eastern country in school is that 1) the region exists 2) it’s where The War is happening and 3) Muslim people live there. That’s it. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get into the Hammurabi Code and some early Babylonian stuff but American schools seem to think that if it happened outside Europe and before the colonial period, or makes America look bad and isn’t about A Very Watered Down Version of What Slavery Was, it’s not important.

Info on this is almost notoriously hard to find. It’s not in any texts on American and Russian involvement in the Middle East during the Cold War that I can find. You have to specifically look for a book about the Shah’s return to power, and even then you’d be hard pressed to find a book like that at your local bookstore. Once you get into some higher level college courses you might know about it, but the people who can afford those are more likely to already be indoctrinated into a certain Way of Thinking (read: they’re racist as shit) by the time they get there. And it’s almost like you have to know about it beforehand if you want to find information on it.

The only reason I knew about it is because there’s a thirty second summary of the event in Persepolis. Those thirty seconds flipped my entire worldview.

“All the Shah’s Men” by Stephen Kinzer is a good, accessible text for people who want to know more about this.


I had to explain literally this to one of my co-workers, who is so fuckin racist against Middle Eastern people it’s insane.

She’s 60. She never heard of this.

As I was explaining this and how, during the Regan years, we funded Osama Bin Laden to fight against Russia, leading to the destruction of much of the infrastructure in the region, one of the plant workers came in to get his badge fixed.

He works in the quality control lab. He served 15 years active duty in the Army. Super smart guy, has a masters in chemistry and another masters in biology, raises saltwater fish in his spare time for sale, has the saltwater aquarium setup of the gods.  Raises rare corals too, some of which he donates to be used in re-seeding reefs around the world, but that’s a side tangent.

And he listened for a minute, then nodded and said “Yeah. I was there during that. I helped train people to fight. They wanted us to help them build schools and hospitals, after, but we were only interested in them as cannon fodder. Left the whole area in ruins. I wasn’t surprised when they hated us for it later. Told people then it would happen. We let them know then that they were only valuable to America as expendable bodies. Why wouldn’t they resent us for that?”

And she just looked floored.

“So…” She started, after a few minutes. “What do you think of Trump?”

“I hate him. He’s a coward and he’s going to get good people killed.” He didn’t even blink. “

She looked back and forth between us for a second, and then asked how I knew all this.

“I research things.” I said. “Google is great.” He nodded enthusiastically.

And she just sat there for a second and then said, really quietly, “I didn’t know.”

She lived through it.

American schools don’t teach you any of this sort of thing.

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Some websites out there will post a photo of a nice looking outfit (the images was stolen from a reputable site), only to send you a cheap knock-off and take your money in the process. This is a list of sites / companies to avoid.

AliExprss was also on the list but I did not include it because, like eBay, there are many different sellers and scammers are mixed in with the rest. Be sure to read reviews of the item by other buyers and reviews of the seller. If you have bought from these websites and you haven’t had any issues, you’re lucky. Please, always read reviews of sites and sellers before buying!


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You forgot the best one yet

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There’s still time…






weird thing about kirby is that nintendo could make a game about anything with kirby in it and i still wouldn’t be mad.

kirby is just good.

like if there was a game about kirby doing his taxes i would play it and even if it’s bad because how could you be mad at kirby.

i’d play that

I mean it’d teach you how to do your taxes to kids and in the end he’d probably just eat the tax forms.

In true Kirby fashion he’d probably find a flaw in the tax system and fight the epitome of corporate greed.

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Shortpacked!: Not Carl Sagan’s Cosmos

I thought the same, I feel u Optimus xD

a resurgence of this one in my mentions, so reblogging, why not

No, Cosmos.  Go home and think about what you’ve done.

Go back to Cybertron, Cosmos. You’re drunk.

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There’s a barking dog in room next to ours yay comic con!!!!!!!




goodbye mario

that’s sonic you piece of shit

I thought it was Mega Man

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The art of perspective. I found this here. It definitly sends a powerful message. 

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fun fact: a Zamboni leaking transmission fluid looks a lot like a hit and run crime scene






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